landscape photography in Washington Connecticut

There are many different types of photography and I never like to say that I am just a portrait photographer, or I only shoot products. Because I don’t. I am a multi genre photographer. Which means I do everything from corporate headshots, to architecture photography , to landscape photography. I have a drone so I also do a lot of aerials for clients. Branding photography is very big right now and I enjoy that a lot as well.

One of my favorite genres of photography is shooting landscapes. This usually entails someone from a firm giving me a shoot list or a must have list and then the rest falls on me. That is the best part, because I really enjoy getting down and dirty and getting close to nature. I have many different lenses, but one of my favorites is the 50mm canon macro 2.5. I don’t think they make it anymore, but it is one of my favorites for getting macro images and has terrific bokeh.

This shoot was for Hoffman Landscapes. They are located in Fairfield County.

I love the moss that is in between the slate.
I get ideas from shooting these properties for working on my own property.
Here we started first thing in the morning. Best light morning light.
very satisfying photo shoot, I had such a great time photographing this estate.

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