Booksigning in Westport

I cover a lot of different events. I have photographed many openings, speaking events, seminars, and book signings. This book signing was for Christian Siriano, he is a dress designer and very photogenic. I actually met him at a birthday party for Danielle Brooks in New York where I was the photographer at her birthday bash. Another fact I found interesting about him and I always feel that our universe is so big yet so small…. I photographed his home for a local real estate agent. It’s almost like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Christian dancing with Danielle
Christian at Kerri Rosenthals
Christian with some of his drawings
The artist.
actually signing the book
you can not read my handwriting.
Host Kerri Rosenthal and her daughter.

I photographed Christian’s home a year before he bought it. I love the modern home.

Goodbye Winter

We really did not have that much snow in Southern Connecticut. I did have the opportunity to get some “snow” shots, but I also like the winter light and I think the sunsets are very beautiful. There is something about the contrast and crisp light that winter brings. As a tribute to winter, I have here an image that received the most dialogue from any other image I took this winter. It is a drone shot looking straight down with trees dappled around a long streak of road. I had this printed with a float frame and it is simply gorgeous. Thank you for looking. Bring on spring!

longshore snow

Baseball Spring Training Photography

Staple High School Baseball has winter workouts at The Sono Field house in Norwalk. If you have never been there. it is a very large athletic facility where teams can train and play their sport. With the soon-to-be baseball season quickly approaching, I was asked to photograph the boy’s training.

A mix of hitting and fielding.
Loosening up.
Fielding grounders.
Feels like Florida.
The white bucket always says baseball to me.
The pitch.
This really brings me back.
Thank god for netting.
The lighting is tough but looks good.
I think they are ready.

Wynwood Walls Miami

The week before Covid hit, I was in South Beach Miami photographing a conference. I overheard a bunch of people talking about Wynwood Walls and how awesome it was. I never got the chance to see it because I was just too busy shooting for the client. But my time had finally come. I recently visited South Beach again and this time, I had enough time to visit Wynwood Walls. There is a museum here that made this well worth the visit.

The telephone lines add to the image.
everywhere you walk is wall art. This is at a construction site.
even the sidewalks have street art.
there are many blocks of wall art in Wynwood.
we actually rode our citi bikes from south beach to Wynwood.
I am a big fan of the spiderman.
star wars too!
the details are amazing.
these steps lead to an amazing rooftop restaurant.
there is a museum here which is worth a visit.
the museum has lots of interesting art.
these images were photographed using a Fujifilm xpro 1.
lots of instagram moments.
the streets are buzzing with color.
no more wall art, I thought this was an interesting image.

We really enjoyed Wynwood and I am so happy that I got the chance to experience it. The art, the street vibe, and we went to a Mexican Restaurant Bakan, which was excellent and I highly recommend.