Wynwood Walls Miami

The week before Covid hit, I was in South Beach Miami photographing a conference. I overheard a bunch of people talking about Wynwood Walls and how awesome it was. I never got the chance to see it because I was just too busy shooting for the client. But my time had finally come. I recently visited South Beach again and this time, I had enough time to visit Wynwood Walls. There is a museum here that made this well worth the visit.

The telephone lines add to the image.
everywhere you walk is wall art. This is at a construction site.
even the sidewalks have street art.
there are many blocks of wall art in Wynwood.
we actually rode our citi bikes from south beach to Wynwood.
I am a big fan of the spiderman.
star wars too!
the details are amazing.
these steps lead to an amazing rooftop restaurant.
there is a museum here which is worth a visit.
the museum has lots of interesting art.
these images were photographed using a Fujifilm xpro 1.
lots of instagram moments.
the streets are buzzing with color.
no more wall art, I thought this was an interesting image.

We really enjoyed Wynwood and I am so happy that I got the chance to experience it. The art, the street vibe, and we went to a Mexican Restaurant Bakan, which was excellent and I highly recommend.