Juleen’s Walkathon

Ray Flanigan organized a walkathon to support his wife, Juleen, who is battling Alzheimer’s. Videler Photography documented this incredible event, capturing the love and resilience displayed by participants.

Friends and family gathered at the starting line, united in their determination to fight Alzheimer’s. Videler Photography captured the profound bond between Ray and Juleen, showcasing their unwavering commitment. The walkathon not only offered support but also raised awareness about Alzheimer’s. The walkathon was held at The Bethel High School track in Bethel Ct. If you would like to contribute to Ray’s cause at Juleensteam.com.

Videler Photography’s ability to capture the essence of Ray Flanigan’s walkathon for his wife, Juleen, battling Alzheimer’s, encapsulates the love and unity of the event.

Drone image of the walkers at Bethel High School Track

Right before the walk, Juleen kisses her granddaughter.

Here is Juleen with her grandson.

Gather around Juleen

Bethel’s first selectman had some words to say.

Juleen and Ray

Senior Portraits

High school volleyball senior portraits that is. They are going to enlarge these real big for the senior day men’s volleyball game.

I can’t wait to see how nice they will come out. This was a very simple set up. As a main light I used a Godox 200ws unit along with a 36 soft box. The accent light in the back was directed at the volleyball net and that was a 200 ws Godox as well.

Staples Men’s Volleyball.