Drone photography for a wedding

When drones started coming out a few years back, I always wanted to get one. But, I had to wait. Wait for technology, because when they first came out, there were tons of flyaways and it was hard to control the drone. Fast forward to today and I have the latest technology at my fingertips and the drone is so much fun to fly.

I photographed the group image here with a DJI Mavic Air 2. I adore the size and capabilities of this drone and the images are phenomenal. The shoot was at the best place to be before halloween…… Sleepy Hollow New york, right on the Hudson river.

drone shot of the wedding

Westport’s lobsterfest behind the scenes

Each year The Westport Rotary Club hosts a huge cookout at Compo Beach in Westport. Over 2,000 people attended this years Lobsterfest and tickets sold out quickly.

I was hired to capture the setting up and the behind the scenes along with aerial views with my drone. They were going to use this for tent placements for next year and show what the volunteers go through to get this large event going. I mixed stills with video to get what I needed. Drones can have a valuable impact to show the overall scene of an event.

There was a thunderstorm the day before the event, but it made for a nice dramatic shot.
video of 2021 lobsterfest

wedding at aspetuck valley country club

Funny how coincidences work. I photographed Aspetuck’s member guest tournament in July and this past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding at the very same venue. Renaud is the club’s manager and now we are very familiar with each other.

I call these my Martha Stewart shots.
I really love the cakes at weddings, they are always so good.

The challenges in shooting weddings are working with conditions where you have to move fast and being ready for something interesting to happen. What I like most about it is showing the bride my interpretation of what happened this one day.

composition is very important to me.

Photographing weddings allows me to use my knowledge of photographing portraits, shooting products and being creative.

the kiss
aspetuck valley cc
portrait with serious bokeh
sparkler exit

Night photography downtown westport

I have a camera on me at all times. It is just a habit that I have and I really enjoy taking photographs. I carry a rangefinder type camera for my spontaneous shooting but every once in a while I will switch to my DSLR ( digital single lens reflex) It is a much bigger and heavier camera than my rangefinder, but it has the best sounding shutter I have ever heard. Okay, the Leica M6 is the best sounding shutter…..

For this shoot I used my Canon 5ds. Which is a 50 megapixel camera and said by most people to be a medium format digital camera. The files are huge. But the shutter is creamy and smooth. The perfect camera for architecture and interiors. But in this case, I used it to capture some night shots in downtown Westport. With the huge files I can really manipulate the images if I want to.

The spotted horse.

Night dining downtown
all images were handheld, no tripod

Financial Company Branding Photoshoot

I photographed for Felix and Steve in the past. Maybe around 5 years ago they were working just the two of them as financial planners. They needed headshots for their business and I was happy to shoot for them. Felix also needed a photographer for his wedding, and I was more than happy to shoot his wedding. Relationships are important because people remember that you did a good job or you made them feel comfortable in front of the camera. There are many reasons to why they will rehire you for something.

Fast forward a few more years and now Felix and Steve have added 3 more people and they are renting in a gorgeous building in South Norwalk. I am so happy that they hired me to photograph the new team. They are called Guidelight Financial and they are fun to work with.

Guidelight’s office is located at 50 Washington Street
Felix in his office
Steve at the main desk
it is a beautiful office with lots of light.
a very comfortable office feeling.
Team Photo
drone footage to show the office.

Connecticut Garden Wedding

We beat the storm!! There was a lot of concern whether we would beat the weather. Hurricane Henri was on its way and it missed us by a day. Unfortunately my Sunday event wasn’t so lucky but I am told they will be rescheduling it soon.

Allison and Bobby were married during Covid-19 so they chose this past Saturday to have friends and family celebrate with them. The father and mother of the groom held the event at their beautiful home on the Westport, Fairfield border. The gardens were gorgeous and we chose to take the “posey” shots there. Friends and family wandered the grounds which included a pool and a barn that was converted into a lounge.

After a tiny misting, everyone entered a tent where the party continued. I used a variety of lenses for this shoot. My favorite portrait lens is an 85mm 1.8 fixed lens, I really enjoy how you can blur out the backgrounds with it.

what a great garden
mix of natural light with fill in flash
getting candid
love my 50mm 2.5 I can get pretty sneaky with it.
getting natural images and framing nicely.
getting passed and I will get it.
the grounds were so nice here is the barn window where the lounge was.
I am invisible when I photograph candids.
timed it perfectly with the dj’s light.
dance shot.

landscape photography in Washington Connecticut

There are many different types of photography and I never like to say that I am just a portrait photographer, or I only shoot products. Because I don’t. I am a multi genre photographer. Which means I do everything from corporate headshots, to architecture photography , to landscape photography. I have a drone so I also do a lot of aerials for clients. Branding photography is very big right now and I enjoy that a lot as well.

One of my favorite genres of photography is shooting landscapes. This usually entails someone from a firm giving me a shoot list or a must have list and then the rest falls on me. That is the best part, because I really enjoy getting down and dirty and getting close to nature. I have many different lenses, but one of my favorites is the 50mm canon macro 2.5. I don’t think they make it anymore, but it is one of my favorites for getting macro images and has terrific bokeh.

This shoot was for Hoffman Landscapes. They are located in Fairfield County.

I love the moss that is in between the slate.
I get ideas from shooting these properties for working on my own property.
Here we started first thing in the morning. Best light morning light.
very satisfying photo shoot, I had such a great time photographing this estate.

Photography in Rochester

A photo shoot in Rochester New York was in the cards for me, but I also had the opportunity to take a bike and my camera and become a tourist for a couple of hours. I don’t always get a chance to do this, but in most cases I will try to make some time to explore. Rochester is gritty and it is fun to photograph.

The falls in downtown Rochester
My base was the hyatt
all shot with my fujifilm x20
I rode the rail trail that goes right through the center of Rochester
and I finally got to see the kodak building. I used all of their films in the day.Tri x, plus x, delta porta… such wonderful memories.
just north of the city on the rail trail. That is not smoke, it is mist and you can feel it…
on a bridge close to lake ontario,.
urban jungle
rochester children’s museum

drone shoot in Lordship

I was asked to photograph a property in Lordship in Connecticut. It is a gorgeous little neighborhood right off I-95 and very close to the small airport and beaches. After getting clearance from the FAA to fly my drone in a class D airspace, I was all set to go. After the shoot I was all set to visit one of my most favorite places to go it is Riley’s by the Sea. A great little restaurant right on the water. Another great place to visit in Lordship is Surfside. Here you can get a nice little bite and enjoy the beach. When ever I am on a shoot, I love to explore what is around me, and always bring your camera.

not a bad place to hang

From the ocean view

I can get used to this.

Happy homeowners

From way back

add a simple video….

Golf Photography

Aspetuck Valley Country Club asked me to provide drone footage of their member guest tournament. I have photographed golf events before. Usually we would photograph each foursome and then print a 5×7 print up for each golfer. This was different. They wanted drone footage of the tournament without annoying the golfers. This was pretty easy because I have the DJI Mavic Air 2 and it has a zoom feature for it’s camera.

The club wanted footage close to 10 minutes long so they could play this in the background while events transpired.

Here is the video.

drone shoot of aspetuck valley cc

The club wanted me to photograph the awards dinner after the round. Here are some images.