Senior Portraits

High school volleyball senior portraits that is. They are going to enlarge these real big for the senior day men’s volleyball game.

I can’t wait to see how nice they will come out. This was a very simple set up. As a main light I used a Godox 200ws unit along with a 36 soft box. The accent light in the back was directed at the volleyball net and that was a 200 ws Godox as well.

Staples Men’s Volleyball.

Corporate Headshots

Look how beautiful these are!!! These images are very consistent and professional looking. I really recommend your company, small business, club, or team to hire me to photograph them. I am very organized and match each name to the image file so we can find the person real quick. I also use lighting and posing techniques that I will use on you. I let everyone choose their favorite image files and then I will retouch and send these image files to you.

For this company, I photographed over 150 people with the goal of making them look happy, professional and a clean look.

Check out the website here.

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Fashionably Westport 2023

Each year the Westport Downtown Merchants Association produces a fashion show to raise money and awareness to Homes With Hope. Homes with Hope provide solutions to help homelessness in Fairfield County.

I do not get to photograph runway models often, but when I do, I really enjoy it. The hardest part is holding my camera in a vertical position for so long. your arm starts to get wonky after the 10th model so you have to find ways to give your arm a little break.

My favorite part of the shoot is the backstage stuff. Going unnoticed and capturing expressions of people who are not aware of you and being a native Westporter, I get to meet and talk to my old and new neighbors.

Here are the links to my photos. Have fun.

Before the storm.

Can you find my logo?

Another view before the show.

Backstage catching sportscaster Lynsday Czarniak in a candid moment.

Hats off to all the models that donated their time and look

Last minute advice on walking down the runway.

More advice.

Young love caught in the dressing room.

70-200mm canon lens gets pretty heavy after 5 minutes of vertical shooting.

But it is such a great lens. Tack sharp. Even caught a wink.

My spot at the end of the runway in “the pit” it was so much fun. ( photoshop of me)

Homes with Hope Helen telling the audience about what their organization does.

Lux Bond & Green Westport

I photographed the renovation of Lux Bond & Green for Westport Lifestyle Magazine. I have been shooting for the magazine now for 3 years and I really enjoy the assignments. I get to meet fascinating people and places and I get to photograph them. I am very comfortable photographing interiors and it was an easy for me to say yes to this assignment. In most cases I like to tell a story with my camera so it was a very nice assignment.

These interiors come from experience photographing for architects, builders and real estate. They each have certain characteristics that you follow so that the clients are happy.

Architects are more detail oriented and want certain images to be perfect. Sometimes I will work on one image for an architect for 3 hours.

Builders want photographs of their structures but usually want to show scale and how a building will be used.

Realtors want it shot quick and pretty. No 3 hour shoots for them, but you still have to produce pretty images.

Photographing commercial properties is very rewarding for me.

I like to compose a nice clean image.

I am a fan of shooting straight on. It makes the room look smaller but more intimate.

Scale is another way of showing space. Here I wanted to show the whole space.

I really enjoy the detail images.

I can not, not get a picture of Paul Newman when given the chance.

Depth is another nice characteristic to show in photography.

The details.


I photographed De Tapas restaurant for Westport Lifestyle Magazine and I could not be more happier to do so. One I love food and two, I really enjoy photographing people in their environments. Call it environmental portraits but I like to call it branding photography where you show the world a business and images to promote that business.

Chef/owner Carlos Pia could not be any nicer to me. He helped with the set ups and had all of the food prepared and ready to be photographed. My father was a food photographer working mainly with Campbell Soup and Pepperidge Farm so I would watch him as much as I could to learn how to photograph it and how to eat it.

De Tapas has a great vibe and a very friendly atmosphere. I photograph many interiors.

I also like “dead on” shots it has more of a geometrical look.

Love this color, shot with the Canon 5D mark4

What service!!

Here is Carlos Pia owner of De Tapas.

Product Photography

I learned to shoot products working for OneKreate in Hollywood Florida. Most of the sets that we were photographing was for Walmart. These images would be used in flyers, catalogs and advertising. Some actually were for billboards. The experience was exhilarating and I enjoyed every moment down there.

The watches I shot here are from an estate, The client will auction these off so they needed some spectacular images of them for their catalog.

The Back
They are so interesting close up.

I know phones have taken over everything including cameras and watches but I still wear a watch, I like the feel of them and the classic look.

photoshoot for a corporate client

I photographed a gathering at Gray Barns in Silvermine for Exclusive Resorts. It was a very simple shoot where the client basically said that they wanted a mix of candid and posed images for their website. I have photographed at Gray Barns a bunch of times so I am very familiar with the grounds. This particular shoot was at the actual barn on the property which is a refurbished and really nice to shoot in. I worked with available light and bounced some flash. The feel of the barn was so relaxed and fun to work in. The clients were in a very good mood and the food and wine tasting was superb. I enjoy shooting candidly in a group of people. My goal in my mind is to get everyone who is at the function. Somehow recording everyone who is there along with some fun background images.

The Gray Barns is a perfect place for a gathering.
one of the most important gifts that I have is shooting unobtrusively.

The rustic feel of the barn is so nice.

Fashion Show in Westport

I was the official photographer for this years Fashionably Westport. The sold-out event showcased downtown’s fashion and beauty merchants while guests enjoyed a festive evening. The event benefited Project Return, Home with Hope’s program that focuses solely on the needs of homeless women. I arrived early to set up and check things out and was happy to be let into the room where all of the models were getting ready. I enjoy the candid photography most of all. The runway images are a little tougher because of the quick movement of the models and the spot lights.

The runway.

Jen Falik was the MC and Helen McAlinden the CEO of Homes with Hope, gave a wonderful presentation at halftime. They raised a lot of funds and everyone had a great time.

Behind the scenes
Jen Falik and Helen McAlinden
Maxx Crowley the new President of The Downtown Merchant’s Association
The other view of the runway.

Seaman’s Moving in Pictures

Seaman’s is a worldwide moving company. They are very busy moving people in and out of their homes. I took pictures for their website and for the new branding that they wanted to do. Whether it is 50 people or two, photography is very important in showcasing your produce, your company, and your look.

We had a few ideas of what we wanted to shoot.
working together, we also just let the guys work and made some captures.
The crew
Show the logo if possible.
Not the dog! We had fun too.
It is very hard work.
World wide!!

Booksigning in Westport

I cover a lot of different events. I have photographed many openings, speaking events, seminars, and book signings. This book signing was for Christian Siriano, he is a dress designer and very photogenic. I actually met him at a birthday party for Danielle Brooks in New York where I was the photographer at her birthday bash. Another fact I found interesting about him and I always feel that our universe is so big yet so small…. I photographed his home for a local real estate agent. It’s almost like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Christian dancing with Danielle
Christian at Kerri Rosenthals
Christian with some of his drawings
The artist.
actually signing the book
you can not read my handwriting.
Host Kerri Rosenthal and her daughter.

I photographed Christian’s home a year before he bought it. I love the modern home.