Night photography downtown westport

I have a camera on me at all times. It is just a habit that I have and I really enjoy taking photographs. I carry a rangefinder type camera for my spontaneous shooting but every once in a while I will switch to my DSLR ( digital single lens reflex) It is a much bigger and heavier camera than my rangefinder, but it has the best sounding shutter I have ever heard. Okay, the Leica M6 is the best sounding shutter…..

For this shoot I used my Canon 5ds. Which is a 50 megapixel camera and said by most people to be a medium format digital camera. The files are huge. But the shutter is creamy and smooth. The perfect camera for architecture and interiors. But in this case, I used it to capture some night shots in downtown Westport. With the huge files I can really manipulate the images if I want to.

The spotted horse.

Night dining downtown
all images were handheld, no tripod

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