Fairfield Theatre Company

I have photographed many events at stage one at The Fairfield Theatre Company but never at the warehouse at FTC. This was my first time at the warehouse which is 4-5 times larger than stage one. I hope this makes sense.

I was in awe of the space, it really is a great place to capture an event. It is really a test to photograph in there, the ceilings are very tall and all of the walls are black. It has a large stage in the middle with a bar area to the side and a second level area that has extra seating and a unique view of the stage.

I used the banister to prop my camera for a time exposure.

Stage lights can be used for a positive solution for a good image.

I always like “reactions” or “emotions”.

The more natural the better.

FTC Warehouse is a great place to hear and see music.

The band Ellis Island.