Lux Bond & Green Westport

I photographed the renovation of Lux Bond & Green for Westport Lifestyle Magazine. I have been shooting for the magazine now for 3 years and I really enjoy the assignments. I get to meet fascinating people and places and I get to photograph them. I am very comfortable photographing interiors and it was an easy for me to say yes to this assignment. In most cases I like to tell a story with my camera so it was a very nice assignment.

These interiors come from experience photographing for architects, builders and real estate. They each have certain characteristics that you follow so that the clients are happy.

Architects are more detail oriented and want certain images to be perfect. Sometimes I will work on one image for an architect for 3 hours.

Builders want photographs of their structures but usually want to show scale and how a building will be used.

Realtors want it shot quick and pretty. No 3 hour shoots for them, but you still have to produce pretty images.

Photographing commercial properties is very rewarding for me.

I like to compose a nice clean image.

I am a fan of shooting straight on. It makes the room look smaller but more intimate.

Scale is another way of showing space. Here I wanted to show the whole space.

I really enjoy the detail images.

I can not, not get a picture of Paul Newman when given the chance.

Depth is another nice characteristic to show in photography.

The details.