wedding at aspetuck valley country club

Funny how coincidences work. I photographed Aspetuck’s member guest tournament in July and this past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding at the very same venue. Renaud is the club’s manager and now we are very familiar with each other.

I call these my Martha Stewart shots.
I really love the cakes at weddings, they are always so good.

The challenges in shooting weddings are working with conditions where you have to move fast and being ready for something interesting to happen. What I like most about it is showing the bride my interpretation of what happened this one day.

composition is very important to me.

Photographing weddings allows me to use my knowledge of photographing portraits, shooting products and being creative.

the kiss
aspetuck valley cc
portrait with serious bokeh
sparkler exit

Connecticut Garden Wedding

We beat the storm!! There was a lot of concern whether we would beat the weather. Hurricane Henri was on its way and it missed us by a day. Unfortunately my Sunday event wasn’t so lucky but I am told they will be rescheduling it soon.

Allison and Bobby were married during Covid-19 so they chose this past Saturday to have friends and family celebrate with them. The father and mother of the groom held the event at their beautiful home on the Westport, Fairfield border. The gardens were gorgeous and we chose to take the “posey” shots there. Friends and family wandered the grounds which included a pool and a barn that was converted into a lounge.

After a tiny misting, everyone entered a tent where the party continued. I used a variety of lenses for this shoot. My favorite portrait lens is an 85mm 1.8 fixed lens, I really enjoy how you can blur out the backgrounds with it.

what a great garden
mix of natural light with fill in flash
getting candid
love my 50mm 2.5 I can get pretty sneaky with it.
getting natural images and framing nicely.
getting passed and I will get it.
the grounds were so nice here is the barn window where the lounge was.
I am invisible when I photograph candids.
timed it perfectly with the dj’s light.
dance shot.